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The head of the American Farm Bureau, representing 5.5 million USA farmers has called for unfettered travel to Cuba by USA citizens as well as private financing of agriculture sales to Cuba. Under current law, sales to Cuba must be "cash only". The Bush Administration is unlikely to support further easing of the USA Embargo until substantial changes internally in Cuba are adopted.

Since the USA embargo was placed on Cuba over 40 years ago, travel to Cuba has been problematic for USA citizens. While technically it is not illegal for USA citizens to travel to Cuba, it is illegal for them to spend cash in Cuba unless they are traveling under llicenses as defined by Congress and the US Treasury department. The Office of Foreign Assets Control licenses and enforces travel to, from and within Cuba for the USA. Nonetheless, about 30% of USA citizen travelers to Cuba enter Cuba without licenses. Cuba is entered by way of Canada, Mexico, and adjacent Caribbean islands. Cuba only places a small watermark, if anything at all, in USA passports. Legal humanitarian travel to Cuba is possible through Cuba AIDS Project.

Once licensed, USA travelers may travel from Los Angeles, New York City or Miami directly to Cuba without having to travel through other countries. Each adult traveling under a Specific License may no longer bring back up to $100 of cigars or rum to the USA for personal use.

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